White Wine Joven mas de rander

White Wine Joven mas de rander

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Mas de Rander Blanco

White Wine made of Macabeo variety grapes.

100% natural

Regional product

Bottled in 750 Ml glass bottle


Bioclimatic  Winery Mas de Rander

The Mas de Rander Winery is unique in the Province of Castellón, near the Mediterranean Sea, fully integrated into the environment and covered with a blanket of vegetation.

It is an energetically sustainable building where we take advantage of all the rainwater as well as the air currents to keep the temperature in the cellar constant. At the same time, we are implementing the saving of electrical energy through solar panels.

Natural Wines

Our Wines: pure, true and without adding or removing anything from the grape.

At Mas de Rander we take maximum care of the production in the vineyards, using only natural products, and respecting natural cycles.

We do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, systemic fungicides or genetically manipulated organisms.

White wine

White wine made with grapes of the Macabeo variety. Light pressing and cold settling. Fermentation with controlled temperature. Stabilization by cold and light filtering. No enzymes, correction products or additives have been used. Nose and mouth sensations: Aromas of green apple and white fruits (orange blossom and jasmine) on the nose and light, with a well-balanced acidity, short aftertaste, inviting to drink, in the mouth.

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