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  • olivadas-deli-tapas

    Delicious tapas

    Give a touch of genius to your tapas with the excellent olive that you can find in DeliTapas.

  • Aceites

    Olive oils

    In DeliTapas you will find a great variety of extra virgin olive oils perfect for your creations.

  • trufa-delitapas

    We have the best seasonal truffle

    Give a touch of genius to your tapas with the excellent seasonal truffles that you can find in DeliTapas.

  • olivo-milenario-slide

    Meet our ancient olive trees

    Come and try the authentic oil of millenary olive trees of the region, only in Delitapas.

0,90 €
Trufa Tuber Melanosporum fresca del Maestrazgo. Calidad Primera. Trufa entera. Muy aromática. El precio es por gramo.

25,00 €
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1,10 €
Fresh Maestrazgo truffles Tuber Melanosporum. Premium quality, very aromatic. Price per grams.

0,90 €
Fresh Maestrazgo truffles Tuber Melanosporum. Sale in small pieces and rasps. The price is per gram.

16,00 €
Extra virgin organic olive oil El Maestrat. PET 2 l

5,50 €
Alemany Orange blossom honey with orange skin 250 gr

6,50 €
Montull extra virgin single-variety olive oil ARBEQUINA, glass bottle 500 ml

6,70 €
The Saffron Company Natural salt flakes with boletus eduli, 100 gr grinder

8,50 €
Olis Cuquello Extra virgin olive oil single-variety Farga 100, in dark glass bottle 500 Ml

2,50 €
Blai Peris Empeltre olives in 180 gr glass jar

15,00 €

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