What is Delitapas?

Delitapas has been established to promote typical and traditional products of the Maestrazgo region (Castellón-Teruel), with the idea that this economic activity has a positive impact on this region, helping to curb the depopulation that suffer the communities in the mountainous region of Castellón and Teruel, and give back to this wonderful spot of Spain the value it deserves.

My idea gradually took shape and I began to select the most representative family businesses and cooperatives of the region, taking into account the quality, the elaboration process and a good presentation, with the aim of promoting Maestrazgo and its products throughout Europe.

The Maestrazgo or El Maestrat, as it is called in the local language, is a historical region of Spain stretching from the north of the Valencian province of Castellón to the southeast of the Aragonese province of Teruel. The hot summers and cold winters create a special climate, which makes it the cradle of delicacies such as truffles and olive oil from thousand-year-old olive trees of the Farga variety, both of which combine perfectly with each other and are the most famous and popular gastronomic representatives. But there is much more .…

On this website you will find everything you need for the elaboration of small delicacies and tapas that should not be missing on any table. I invite you to this culinary tour through the Maestrat, and to delight or to please others with their small pleasures in a sustainable, simple, safe and fast way. Here I have wide range of high quality products perfect to taste and of course, to give away, because I can advise you on each of the products so that you can enjoy them to the maximum.