Extra virgin olive oil 250 ml...

Extra virgin olive oil 250 ml villalonga 100

Olis Cuquello Extra virgin olive oil single-variety Villalonga 100, in dark glass bottle 250 Ml


The variety Villalonga is an olive tree typical from the Valencian regions of Alcoia and El Comtat and it was introduced in our area in the 80s, in a minority way. Olive trees have a medium-sized and are very brittle, because of their fragility and the Mistral wind that blows with great force, many times a year. The production of these trees is high and regular, they tend to produce every year. The olives ripe considerably early and are characterized by their large size and round shape. Medium-high fruity with green notes (green leaves, cut grass) and with a slight pepper y and bitter taste. Aromatic and intense fruity in the mouth. Excellent for red meat, blue fish and also for pickling or candying.

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