Xert, the town

Xert is a small town located in the Baix Maestrat region, Castellón. In the upper part of the town there is the old town, with the Old Church dating from the eighth century next to the abbey house, the old cemetary , the whole architectural complex is very interesting and is complemented by remains of the old wall, deserving special mention those near the plaza.

Buildings to be noted for the old town are the Palace of the Counts of Pestagua, the medieval furnace, and Els Porxes and the Old Town Hall. In the municipal term it is necessary to mention the Hermitage of Sant Marc, all the ravine of Molinà with the rest of flour mills, the places of the sources of Molinar and Auvelló as well as the Pinewood near the sports center.

In the municpal term is located the Turmell mountain range, with its « fridge » and several « TAfelberg » table mountains called Mola, Moleta Redona Mola Llarga, and several water springs, « Font de l’Albi », « Guilona » « l’Auvelló » and the site of Mas d’en Rei.