White Wine La Temptació

White Wine La Temptació

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La Temptació Autor White Wine

Family vineyard

Product 100% regional 

White garnacha grape

12,5 Vol

Bottled in 750 Ml glass bottle


The winery

The Vins l'Estanquer winery is located in the historic center of Canet lo Roig, Castellón province, in an old house belonging to the Xiulits family. The house belonged to his great-grandfather and it made wines and spirits. They have restored the space while preserving the character and history between its walls.

They work with about nine grape varieties from different origins, the vast majority are Mediterranean varieties such as Garnacha or Macabeo. They also have varieties such as the white carignan from our old vineyard and other indigenous varieties such as verdiguell or embolicaire. With them they make eight references of different wines; each wine seeks the kindest, and at the same time most complex, expression of the varieties with which they work.

They conceive the wines they make long before picking the grapes; Thus each vine is cared for especially for the intended purpose in the winery. During the harvest they carry out quality controls so that the grapes are picked at the most suitable moment. In addition, they collect the grapes manually in boxes of 20 kg so that it arrives in perfect condition at the winery.

At the winery, the mission is to produce high quality wines using minimal intervention, adding wine products and additives. They also use wild yeasts, each of which expresses the characteristics of the vine from which they come. Furthermore, they work with low levels of sulfur.

The result of this work are markedly Mediterranean wines, with character, structure and salinity. Wines where you will find the flavor of the Maestrat.


At L’Estanquer protecting the environment is a priority and therefore its objective is that its ecological footprint is minimal, thus ensuring that its activity does not have any negative effect on its environment.

It should be noted that for two years we have started the ecological conversion of its vineyards. Thus, we use integrated agricultural production systems with the aim of protecting the soil and biodiversity.

We also donate all the remains of their winemaking, such as the rapa or the skins, to feed cows from a local farm.

Also, they try that all the products used in the finishing of their wines are respectful with the environment. For example, together with another series of measures, they use natural cork stoppers or last generation stoppers made with recycled sugar cane fibers; We use bottles as light as possible for a more responsible use of glass, and recycled cardboard boxes.

If we make all this effort it is because they believe in the conservation of the ecosystem, but also so that a quality product, respectful with the environment and that is a hallmark of the Maestrat, reaches your hands.

La Temptació

Temptació is the first white wine bottled by L'Estanquer, in which they want to reflect the intensity of the Mediterranean climate and express our terroir. They do their very best to make a wine of the highest quality.

The grapes come from two fields, our youngest vines are in Els Regalls with calcareous soil. The rest comes from the La Sort estate, vineyards of 30 years of clay soil.

View: Bright yellow color, with greenish reflections.
Aromas: Notes of white fruit such as pear, white flowers and adulterated end notes appear.
Mouth: It is a wine with good acidity, unctuous, long where the fruit weighs.

Garnacha Blanca is a variety that gives rise to very versatile wines, capable of accompanying a wide variety of dishes. As a good white wine it can accompany fish and seafood. It also pairs very well with rice and if you want to accompany it with cheese, it can go very well with a fresh cow.

Recommendation: Enjoy between 7 and 8 ºC. It is a white wine that can be kept well in the bottle for about 2 years.

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