Truffled olive pâté

Truffled olive pâté

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Truffled olive pate in a 35 gr jar

Empeltre olives with black truffle

Best flavour

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Intense vegetable pate made with the best Empeltre olive from the Maestrazgo with a touch of black truffle (Tuber melanosporum)

Truffled olive pate is a 100% natural product, without dyes or preservatives.

It is one of the gourmet pâté with more aroma and flavor, powered by black truffle.

Ingredients: Empeltre olive, black truffle, salt

Net weight: 35 gr

Nutritional value (100 g): calories 391 Kcal, fats 105 g of which saturated 0, Carbohydrates 15.35 g, Proteins 10.8 g

Use: to spread on toast, as an ingredient in vinaigrettes

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