Black autumn truffle, fresh (tuber...

Black autumn truffle, fresh (tuber uncinatum)

Fresh autumn truffle Tuber Uncinatum from Maestrazgo Mountains in Spain

Premium quality

Delicate smooth flavour of hazelnuts and butter.

Maximum freshness


Fresh autumn truffle tuber uncinatum, from the mountains of the Spanish Maestrat directly to your table.

The autumn truffle, Tuber uncinatum, Scorzone Invernale or Truffe de Bourgogne is collected from August to December and is very similar to the summer truffle. It grows in less sunny and humid soils and is the most abundant edible truffle in Europe. Mycorrhiza with many trees such as holm oaks, oaks, beech, linden, hazelnut and pine. In our region, it is found mainly in pine and oak forests.

Unlike the summer truffle, its perfume and aroma is more intense and reminiscent of hazelnuts, butter, boletus and spices.

The minimum order is 100 gr

100% regional product

Product of Spain

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