Spanish ham "Oro Blanco" 25 Kt cut by...

Spanish ham "Oro Blanco" 25 Kt cut by knife 100 g

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Author’s ham "Oro Blanco" 25 kt handsliced 100 g

100 gr Teruel ham handsliced


Min. cure 25 months

Pure flavor, slightly salty, aromatic

Gluten free, lactose free, no added preservatives

Reduced in saturated fat

Antibiotic-free product


Author's Ham "Oro Blanco" 25 kt knife cut 100 gr

Author’s ham "Oro Blanco" 25 kt handsliced 100 g

100 gr Teruel ham handsliced


Minimum cure 25 months

Pure flavor, delicate and slightly salty, aromatic

Denomination of origin Teruel

Gluten free, lactose free, no added preservatives

High protein content

Reduced in saturated fat

Pig production free of antibiotics

The gastronomic miracle of a unique territory

Probably the most select white ham that exists. A 25 Kt gourmet gem, one for each month of careful maturation. Well profiled and brilliant when cut, it expresses in a unique way the art and tradition of the best ham masters. The 25 Kt White Gold luxury presentation is a limited edition unique for its originality and the richness of its finishes.

The Teruel Ham White Gold is the perfect gift: a healthy, tasty, versatile food and ideal to share with family and friends. Some reasons that make it ideal as a present for these dates are:

1. Guarantee. The Teruel Ham / Paleta de Teruel Denomination of Origin Certification guarantees the food quality and safety of each piece.

2. From the origin. We follow a total traceability process fully developed in the province of Teruel that begins with cereal-based food and ends in our dryer in a unique environment.

3. Animal welfare. Our farms have AENOR certification in animal welfare that recognize the integration of animal comfort in our food chain and offers maximum information and transparency to the consumer. It is the only recognition that guarantees the requirements established in the Welfare Quality protocol in Spain.

4. High altitude ham. The Teruel Ham Designation of Origin requires that its hams be cured at an altitude equal to or greater than 800 meters. Our dryer is located in La Puebla de Valverde at 1,200 meters of altitude, which ensures optimal oxygen levels for drying our hams and shoulders.

5. Size does matter. Teruel Hams have a weight equal to or greater than 7kg and equal to or greater than 4.5kg in the case of the Teruel Shoulder.

6. Hams with star. The star on fire marked on the bark of the upper part of the leg or on the back label of the packages is one of the ways to distinguish an authentic D.O.P. Teruel. In addition, the legs must keep the hoof surrounded by a numbered band that includes all the processes the piece has gone through and a traceability code that completes this information.

7. Pure flavor. Teruel Ham is characterized by a delicate and slightly salty flavor, high flavor when cured and a fat that is creamy to the touch, aromatic and with a pleasant flavor.

8. Commitment. Aire Sano's strategic plan is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and centralized in the province of Teruel, favoring the maintenance of the population in rural areas.

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