Hibiscus flower pet jar 20 g

Hibiscus flower pet jar 20 g

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The Saffron Company Hibiscus flower in 20gr PET


One of the best known uses is the flavoring of gin. They are also ideal for salads, pastries such as flan, teas and water from Jamaica. Jamaica Water - One of the best known uses of hibiscus. Of all the fresh waters, this is without doubt the most popular. It is prepared by soaking dried flowers with ginger in boiling water, then drained and the juices are removed, added sugar and mixed. It is served cold. Te: It is prepared in the same way as Jamaican water, but served hot. Its comforting taste makes it traditionally used as a home remedy. Punch: It looks like a bubbly, delicious fruit salad with a divine aroma. In Mexico, it is the classic symbol of Christmas ... and now it can be part of your party too! Few Usual Uses: Hibiscus Flan: I only saw it once, when a chef used the hibiscus flower to flavor his flan. He also made hibiscus syrup to add to it. Salads: Can be an acid or sweet seasoning (as you like) for almost any green salad. Soups: Add hibiscus leaves in chicken soups or meatloaf. It will give you a taste like cranberry.

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