Mallow flowers pet jar 10 g

Mallow flowers pet jar 10 g

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The Saffron Company 1st class Mallow flower in PET jar


Hollyhocks have been used by man since ancient times by providing herbal remedies that alleviate respiratory conditions, allergies, insect bites and digestive disorders.

It is an excellent idea to keep a small supply of dried mallow in the home-made first aid kit in order to face some common conditions with fully natural remedies.

The most usual way of drinking mallow is by infusion, which provides a very characteristic dark red hue and a slightly adulterated flavor.

Mallow is a powerful and reputed medicinal plant, but it is also much more than that. It is highly appreciated in gardening, with the added advantage that it requires little care. Mallow is also present in cosmetics and perfumery. You can find products that integrate it, especially intended to combat insect bites, or to apply on eczema and abscesses. It is also included in the formulation of shampoos and lotions for hair, hand creams and body creams, face masks and, of course, in insect repellents.

And mallow can also be eaten, not in vain it is very rich in vitamins. Young mallow flowers and buds are incorporated raw in salads, chopped in soups and vegetable creams, and as garnish in different stews.

As a spice, the Gin Tonic gives it a special touch.

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