Oil macerated with Chili Pepper 250 Ml

Oil macerated with Chili Pepper 250 Ml

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Olive oil macerated with chili pepper from the Maestrat in a 250 Ml bottle

Extra virgin olive oil with natural chili pepper

100% natural, without preservatives or chemical aromas

Regional product


Olive oil macerated with chili pepper from the Maestrat in a 250 Ml bottle

70% of the olive trees in the olive oil mill and bottling company Aceites Peset Valles are centenarians of the Farga, Aragonesa, Nana, Regues and Llumeta varieties. Collected at their ripening point and combining the appropriate amount of each one, an exceptional quality extra virgin oil is obtained. We treat the fruit with the naturalness of our ancestors, without haste, squeezing its juice in the mill at low temperature, giving its importance at every step.

After overcoming many bureaucratic obstacles, this extra virgin oil with a natural chili pepper aroma, without preservatives or chemical aromas, has been released on the market, 100% natural. It is from the "strong" range of our flavored ones, and they are species that we put inside the bottle so that they combine their juice with the oil, giving it the touch of fire and strength to season the dishes that we like the most.

Ideal for pizza, cheeses and meats.

It should not be missing at any barbecue.

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