Extra virgin olive oil 250 ml farga 100

Extra virgin olive oil 250 ml farga 100

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Olis Cuquello Extra virgin olive oil single-variety Farga 100, in dark glass bottle 250 Ml


La Farga's variety is the oldest we found in our territory and extends along the Maestrat and Terres de l'Ebre. The olive trees are very large in all aspects, some millenary specimens have logs with diameters up to 10 meters and very large canopies with a surface area of more than 30 meters. Despite its large size, it is a tree with low throughputs. Fargas olives are elongated and medium in size and is one of the first varieties to ripen. Medium-high fruity with green notes (cut grass, banana or green nuts). An oil with a great balance between sweet, sour and spicy and a slight final astringency. Smoothness and creaminess in the mouth. Excellent for vegetables, salads, legumes and white meat.

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