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Truffled Marcona almonds Premium blanched almonds Ovenroasted With salt, tuber melanosporum and a touch of truffle aroma. Great taste In 90 g jar
Wine, licquors and Gin

Red wine Lo Roig

Lo Roig Autor Red Wine, Family vineyard Product 100% regional  Coupage of Merlot and Syrah grape 14,5 Vol Bottled in 750 Ml glass bottle
Wine, licquors and Gin

Vetusta Viñas de Fuentenebro

Vetusta Redwine Fuentenebre Tempranillo red wine Tempranillo DO Ribera del Duero Family Wineyard Bottled in 750 Ml
Trufflerasp in olive oil With best Spanish summertruffles Premium quality Made in Spain
Wine, licquors and Gin

Mas de les vinyes negre 2019

Mas de les Vinyes Red Wine Joven DO Montsant Intense aromas of red fruits  15,5 Vol Glass bottle 750 Ml
Milenario extra virgin olive oil. Certified millenial olive trees Farga variety Limited production Glass bottle  500 Ml and cardboard  gift box
Honey and jam

Tangerine and ginger jam

Tangerine and ginger jamA great ally for duck meatTraditional elaborationIn 250 gr jar
Wine, licquors and Gin

Raco d'Atans Crianza Red Wine

Mas de les Vinyes Red Wine Raco d'Atans Crianza DO Montsant Coupage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah grapes Flavors of spices and red berries very well harmonized.  15,5  Vol. Glass bottle 750 Ml
Olives and preserves

Olives arbequina ecologica 160 gr

Blai Peris Organic Arbequina olives Finest organic Arbequina olives with thyme Traditional elaboration Great taste In 160 gr glass jar
Almonds and sweets

Largueta almond 1 k

Natural Largueta almonds Premium Quality Product of Spain Vaccum packed in 500 gr bags
Montull Extra Virgin Olive Oil Great Selection Coupage of the best native olives such as Farga, Regué as well as Picudo and Arbequina Unique yellow oil with greenish tones, sweet flavor and very low acidity. Glass bottle  250 Ml
Olives and preserves

Sweet Organic Olive paste 100 gr

Blai Peris sweet organic olive pasteTraditional elaborationAmazing combination of honey, brown sugar and organic olivesIn 100 gr glass jar
Almonds and sweets

Hard Turron alemany 150 gr

Alemany Hard Turron Duro  Traditional elaboration Intense flavor, characteristic of roasted almonds Product of Spain with almond from the region 150 gr tablet
Wine, licquors and Gin

Red Wine Syrah mas de rander

Mas de Rander Syrah Red Wine made of Syrah grapes. 100% natural Regional product. Bottled in 750 Ml glass bottle
Wine, licquors and Gin

Lemon cream liqueur Nelet

Nelet Lemon Cream licqueur Combination of distillates and lemon macerations with water, sugar and dairy products Without preservatives or dyes 100% natural Available in 50 Cl bottle
Honey and jam

Apple jam with quince

Apple jam with quince Traditional elaboration Regional product In 250 gr jar
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