Thyme honey Alemany glass jar 250 gr

Thyme honey Alemany glass jar 250 gr

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Alemany Thyme Honey

Very intense floral aroma

Mild sweet flavor with tart notes

Collection country: Spain

in 250 gr jar


Monofloral Thyme honey packaged in glass jar of 250 gr. Color of 30-35 mm in the Pfund scale (amber clear - amber) of very intense and very persistent floral aroma and soft sweet taste with clear acid notes very marked. Country of collection Spain. Nutritional values: Energy value: 1283 KJ / 302 Kca, Proteins: 0,4 g, Carbohydrates: 75,1 g (sugars) Fats: 0,1 g (saturated 0,06 g) Dietary fiber: 0,1 g, Sodium: 0.01 g

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