YUCA's Balsamic Vinegar 250 Ml

YUCA's Balsamic Vinegar 250 Ml

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Balsamic vinegar

Artisan elaboration

Filled in a 250 Ml bottle


Balsamic vinegar filled in a 250 Ml bottle

Yuca's  balsamic vinegar is made following the ancient method of oxidation of wine and concentrated must.

It is a process that begins with the selection of the best quality and most mature organic grapes, chosen not only for their richness in sugars, but also for their aromatic ester content.

To develop its full aroma, balsamic vinegar rests for a long time in French and American oak barrels in well-conditioned cellars.

At the end of the process we obtain a magnificent vinegar, essential for salads, meat and fish preparations and for the preparation of sauces, thanks to the perfect balance between the acidity of the vinegar, the sweetness and aromas of balsamic vinegar.

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