Extra virgin olive oil 250 ml...

Extra virgin olive oil 250 ml canetera 100

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Olis Cuquello Extra virgin olive oil single-variety Canetera 100, in dark glass bottle 250 Ml


Canetera olive variety (also known as Del Riu variety in la Jana) grows from olive trees with a large tradition in our territory. These olive trees have small-medium size and little vigour; their tops and branches are very irregular due to the tree fragility. This kind of tree has medium production, but regular. Canetera olives mature quite late, they are long, sharp and medium size. They also have dots, which differences Canetera olives from other varieties. Medium-high fruity taste oil with green taste notes (green leaf, green banana, tomato leaf and artichoke). Great aromatic complexity and long stability. The bitter and spicy taste notes are intense, but without astringent. It is excellent for cheeses, white fish and meet.

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