Extra virgin olive oil 500 ml El...

Extra virgin olive oil 500 ml El Maestrat

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Extra native olive oil El Maestrat .

Smooth and fruity flavour

Superior Quality

Glass bottle 500 Ml


Extra virgin olive oil that comes from olive trees of our village, Xert. The predominant varieties for its elaboration are FARGA olives, and the Morruda variety.

La Farga is a native variety from the Baix Maestrat region, Castellón, and it is mostly produced in MILENARY trees, while the MORRUDA variety was introduced in the last century.

The oil is made in the Xert oil mill at optimum temperature without harming its excellent aromas and goodness. During the process no chemical process is used, and the olive juice is extracted only with physical processes, that is, manual harvesting, milling and pressing with the most advanced technology.

The proximity means that we can guarantee the highest quality and an extraordinary flavor and its differentiating organoleptic qualities are determined by the use of the FARGA olive, very typical and unique to our region.

Smooth and fruity flavour

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