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    5,90 €
    Alemany Hard Turron Duro 150 gr

    5,90 €
    Alemany soft Turron 150 gr

    27,50 €
    Alemany Gift pack Black Box 3x150 gr

    4,00 €
    Marcona almonds caramelized with sugar and rosemary honey, in 120 gr box

    4,60 €
    Premium Marcona almonds covered with chocolate, in a box of 120gr.

    17,00 €
    NATURAL MARCONA ALMOND 1 K S/16 Premium Quality.  Vacuum packed in 1 Kg bags

    9,00 €
    NATURAL MARCONA ALMOND 500 g S/16 Premium quality Vacuum packed in 500 gr bags

    19,00 €
    BLANCHED MARCONA ALMOND 1 K S/16 Premium quality vacuum packed in 1kg bags

    10,50 €
    BLANCHED MARCONA ALMOND 500 g S/16 Premium quality Vacuumpackaged in 500 g bags

    9,00 €
    BLANCHED MARCONA ALMOND FLOUR  Premium quality Vacuumpacked in 500 gr bags

    9,00 €
    Natural Largueta almonds Premium Quality Vaccum packed in 500 gr bags

    4,45 €
    Truffled Marcona almonds, premium skinless almonds roasted in a traditional way with salt, tuber melanosporum and a touch of truffle aroma. In 90 g jar

    3,50 €
    Marcona Rosemary Gourmet Almond, Roasted in the oven with salt, extra virgin olive oil, whole cane sugar, rosemary and paprika from the vera. In 90g jar

    2,95 €
    Natural Valencia almond, toasted in the oven with whole cane sugar, salt, paprika from La Vera and natural aroma from Violeta. In 90 g jar

    6,82 €
    Homemade carquinyolis with premium almond in a bag of 250gr made with almonds, sugar, eggs, baking soda and malic and tartaric acid, lemon peel.