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    9,60 €
    La Cartuja de Valldecristo Boletus truffle jam Fine boletus combined with authentic black truffle A perfect combination together with red meats and wild game meat  in 200 gr glass jar

    4,75 €
    La Cartuja de Valldecristo Onion jam in 200 gr glass jar

    6,65 €
    La Cartuja de Valldecristo Black fig jam Best and selected black figs Traditional elaboration Perfect to combine with cheese and wild game meats In 200 gr glass jar

    4,65 €
    La Cartuja de Valldecristo Orange jam Contains parts of orange peel  Perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness Traditional Spanish jam In 200 gr glass jar

    5,90 €
    La Cartuja de Valldecristo Serrana black olives jam Made with authentic Serrana olive and a soft touch of lemon A surprising jam Ideal for appetizers, combining tapas, salad dressing In a 200 gr glass jar

    6,50 €
    La Cartuja de Valldecristo Tomato jam Made of selected, sun-ripened tomatoes Best together with cheese, tapas, foie gras, spanish blood sausage In 200 gr glass jar

    6,80 €
    Apple jam with mustard Surprising combination Ideal for meats, pates and foie gras In a 200 gr jar

    6,80 €
    Orange chocolate jam Selected Castellón oranges in combination with soft chocolate The best way to start the day! In a 200 gr jar

    6,80 €
    Bloody Mary Jam Km0 tomato, a good Vodka, sauces and spices Delicious combination for cheese, potatoes and meat tables In a 200 gr jar

    5,90 €
    Orange Jam with cava Awarded at the Great Taste 2018 Made with oranges at their optimum point of maturity, top quality cava Contains part of the skin of the fruit itself Perfect balance between sweetness and flavor Artisan jam In 200g jar

    6,90 €
    Pepper jam with truffle Premium quality Regional product from Spain

    5,90 €
    Sanguina Jam Traditional elaboration With blood oranges In a 200 g jar

    8,50 €
    Organic orange marmalade with cane sugar High quality organic fruit Traditional elaboration With organic cane sugar In a 200 gr jar

    8,50 €
    Organic tomato jam with cane sugar Organic farming ingredients Natural flavor Best eco tomatoes with natural cane sugar In a 200 gr jar

    6,20 €
    Quince Jelly Traditional elaboration Own cultivation Without additives or preservatives In 450 gr plastic tub

    7,00 €
    Homemade mountain honey 100% natural.

    7,00 €
    Discover our forest honey, the darkest one of our honeys.

    4,60 €
    Alemany Orange blossom honey 250 gr

    7,30 €
    Alemany Orange blossom honey 500 gr

    6,00 €
    Alemany Honey with hazelnut cream 250 gr

    6,00 €
    Alemany Orange blossom honey with orange skin 250 gr

    5,50 €
    Alemany Honey with propolis 250 gr

    5,50 €
    Alemany Honey with royal jelly 250 gr