Glass jar with slices of summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum) preserved in extra virgin olive oil, 15 g Premium quality Best flavour Regional product

Truffle rice

Rice with pieces of black truffle , ideal for making Risotto. In a 400 gr tray Bomba rice with authentic black truffle from Maestrazgo Extra quality Regional product from Spain
Summer truffle flour (Tuber Aestivum) in 15 gr jar Mild truffle flavor Extra quality Regional product
Truffled redpine mushroom pâté in 100g jar Superior quality With the best wild mushrooms Regional product from Spain
Truffled olive pate in a 35 gr jarEmpeltre olives with black truffleBest flavourRegional product

Tartufata Sauce

Tartufata sauce, made with mushroom, black truffle (tuber melanosporum), olive oil, garlic and salt. Packed in 100g jars Traditional truffled sauce Superior quality Regional product
Trufflerasp in olive oil With best Spanish summertruffles Premium quality Made in Spain
Extra virgin olive oil truffled with black truffle  Extra virgin coupage oil flavored with black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) With authentic black truffle Regional product
La Cartuja de Valldecristo Boletus truffle jam Fine boletus combined with authentic black truffle A perfect combination together with red meats and wild game meat  in 200 gr glass jar
Poble de Benassal truffle cheese With black truffle shavings (tuber melanosporum) Artisan elaboration Semi-cured cheese 100% goat milk Regional product Weight approx. 450 gr
Truffled Marcona almonds Premium blanched almonds Ovenroasted With salt, tuber melanosporum and a touch of truffle aroma. Great taste In 90 g jar
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